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As a new venture of Partners Creating Community, Pear Tree Coffee Roasters roasts coffee to create flourishing communities of people who bring their diverse abilities together in work and life, as well as develope innovative opportunites that promise a sustainable future. 



Pear Tree Coffee Roasters is the first installation of the Bellwether Coffee® roasting system in a non-profit business committed to empowering people of all abilities.


Unlike other coffee roasting systems, the Bellwether Coffee® roaster produces zero emissions, is compact (about the size of a refrigerator), and roasts green beans to a rich brown with aromatic perfection. This results in a consistently excellent cup of coffee every time. Anyone can operate it--making it perfect for our employees with diverse abilities.


As one of the first businesses of its kind, Pear Tree brings hi-tech innovation to good old-fashioned coffee roasting with benefits for the entire community. This is through the production of clean, green gourmet coffee, transparent sourcing on the fair trade market, and, most importantly, new opportunities for people of all abilities to realize their creative and employment potential.

Coffee is sourced only from farms where the farmers are known, heard, and fairly supported! On our “shop” page of their website, you can read specifically about the farms or co-ops where your coffee is grown!



Through individualized training, employees learn about the artisan coffee business from sourcing and roasting, to packaging and sales. Every staff member has the opportunity to express his or her creativity while learning a lifelong skill.



By using Pear Tree Coffee, your business has the distinction of serving memorable gourmet coffee to your customers and employees while supporting fair trade farmers, the latest in eco-friendly roasting techniques, and our Contributors.


Please visit Pear Tree Coffee's website for ordering information!

Pear Tree Coffee is currently sold or used at the following retail stores and cafes in the greater Phoenixville area:

  • Heart Stone Coffee

  • Phoenixville Farmer's Market

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